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Factory Price DAP and Urea46 Fertilizer 18-46-0

Model Number Urea46
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

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Product Description

This product is a high-concentrated N-P compound fertilizer which contains urea-N and PO43-, both of which are absorbable by the plant root. With urea combined with P, it reduces urea volatilization, hence increasing the utility rate of nitrogen element. It can be mixed with other water soluble nitrogen or potassium fertilizers to form N-P-K compound fertilizer, providing balanced nutrients to plants. Because of its water solubility and low pH value, this product is especially suitable for irrigation and fertilization system in alkaline soil or hard water areas; it effectively reduces the insoluble precipitate to make the irrigation system clean and smooth. Also, it is free of pollutant and hazardous residue.

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